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The Power of Language

  • September 23rd, 2013

Language lies at the core of how we, as people, communicate. Sure, we speak […]

  • Learning Vs. Survival

Learning Vs. Survival

  • September 20th, 2013

As the world around us changes, we as organisations must adapt in order to […]


..it forces detailed planning and lead thinking. Prioritises today’s work. Integrates well with Lean and Six Sigma
Lloyd Jones, BHP Billiton Iron Ore
The  Ensemble approach allowed Cadbury to take a fresh approach to production planning and process optimisation and has engaged the workforce in looking at production process improvements more pro-actively.
Erik Siedler, Cadbury Schweppes
The Ensemble approach gave the operators and managers the tools to rethink their operations, put some science around the method and belief in the opportunity for improvement. The process is now being introduced to our forging business.”
John Gillespie, Smorgon Steel
You know what I like about Ensemble? They deliver.
Philip Zylstra, Managing Director, Skye Group
Establishment of KPIs was well executed, appropriate and addressed glaring gaps. The Thinking Process exercise allowed us to reinforce management’s ideas and goals all on one page. It has enhanced the throughput operating culture, with all employees speaking the same language.
Geoff McIntosh, CEO, Freedom Furniture